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Monthly Archive: June 2016


Building Committee June 2016 Report

 Building Committee Report to ECAC June 2016

Summary of Discussions:

  1. Construction:
    1. Alliance has finished work on Audio and light.  They are waiting for specialty lens to complete the Video part. There have been workshops on using the AL in the church.
    2. Majority of the interior design to tie-in the open spaces are done.
    3. Nordic Security will add two more eye-level cameras and finished on the camera software installation.
    4. Landscaping was done and under review.
    5. We are still waiting for the operable partition in AH and closet door to be installed mid June.
    6. National Neon electronic sign will be installed in July pending approval from the city.
    7. Kaylan of Delnor has been working on completing the deficiency list.
    8. Delnor building allowances are within budget. We forecast their contingency will have around $70,000 unused.
    9. Mid-City Excavation has completed the entrance paving and sidewalk will be finished soon.
  1. Finance:
    1. Praise the Lord! We have received $4.334M for the Capital Campaign by May 31st.
    2. ECAC contingency fund remain at $110,000.
    3. There is still one proposal to purchase our Parkview site from the Korean Roman Catholic church. They are trying to sell their church on the south side before making an offer.
    4. Ryan Ho will apply for a majority of tax exemption for 2016 in early 2017.
  1. New items:
    1. Commercial blinds (Hunter Douglas) installed in most of the classrooms and offices. The rest of the offices and classroom will be done next week.
    2. Two front entrances mats on recess wells and interior mats for the lobby are installed and courtyard entrance interior mat is installed.
    3. Sound dampening baffles are needed in both Sanctuary (about 100 pieces) and Auxiliary Hall (over 300 pieces). They are ordered from the USA which take four weeks. It will take one week to install all the baffles.
    4. For the Toddlers and Mothers room, the permanent, custom-made counter plus a baby gate will be installed mid June
    5. We added a gate on the Café/kitchen entrance for safety and limited access for workers only.
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