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Aruba STM October 1 Update

Honestly, it’s another thankful day.  Today the weather is cloudy so it’s not as hot as we’re expecting and it’s better for us.

Our day started with the kids and youth fellowship (joined) with praise and singspiration (lead by Tammy)and sharing (by Norman) . We get to meet with the kids and youth and to talk and share a bit with them.  They are so friendly and very acceptable to our approach. They love singing and thank God that Tammy picked the songs that they knew and have sang before, so they can be more involved.

At Sunday worship, we met with the adults and some core members. Chat with them after the worship and again, they are very welcoming STM team to join them. Our team did a group singing during the service.

Sunday School/Workshop – Pastor Miranda and Jenny lead and share on cell/small Group leadership.  Participants are the cell group core members.  We would like to share how to lead a small group, technique and commitment.

Prayer items:
1) Continue to pray for the children/youth in here. Pray that they can get to know us more and we can share more with them.  Very thankful that these children are very cooperative and so patience!
2) As of today, there were 16 kids signed up for the VBS and we pray for more children can joined. We will be doing the decorations and preparation for VBS tomorrow, when VBS is starting on Tuesday.
3) Continue to pray for the team members, it’s thankful that we all had a good sharing and rest last night. Pray for the wisdom and protection from God.


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