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Aruba STM October 5 Update

Thankful items:

1) VBS theme for today is “God is always with you” and our group devotion is also mediate around this topic! Thank God for always with us, no matter in what circumstances, situations and even in our darkness time!
2) Thank God for giving us energy even after the VBS in the morning and radio recording in the afternoon.

Prayer items:
1) Pray for the visitation after VBS tomorrow as we would like to invite VBS children and the their parents to join the Sunday mid-autumn festival celebration. Since most of the children will be driving back by Pastor Li, we are planning to go with him and drop off the kids to their parents in person. Hopefully we can meet with the parents and invite them to come join us.
2) Pray for the workshop that will be led by Sandra with the topic “Medication and You”. Pray that people will be willing to come to join this after work.
3) Continue to pray for our health as for the heat in here is about 30-33 degrees (feels like 40-42) everyday!

Thank you for your prayer support!