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Aruba STM October 7 Update

Dear Prayer warriors,
Time flew by quick, our first team is leaving tomorrow and returning home! Few sisters from Aruba Alliance Church are so nice. They initiated to meet us up for lunch and said they would miss the first team! So first prayer item, pray for these sisters who are the core persons of the church too. Pray for their spiritual growth and give them the leadership quality to take up the leaders position.

Thankful items:
1) The team has a day rest and Pastor Gabriel and his wife took us around. In the afternoon, we went back home and then to church to host tonight DMM training..
2) DMM Training went well and thankful to have Lena and Bruce to consolidate the materials in to 2 hours (1 hour for tonight, 1 hour for next Thursday). The participants (2 sisters) seem to be very interested and focus on the sharing tonight.

Prayer items:
1) Pray for Norman, who will be sharing with the teens in the topic of Communications. Ask God give him wisdom to speak to the teens/youth. Pray for Christina & Tammy who will lead the younger group.
2) Pray for Sunday Worship tomorrow as it’s communion service, Pastor Miranda will be sharing the message.
3) Pray for tomorrow Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. There are about 80 people signed up for tomorrow dinner and celebration program. Pray for the programs including VBS presentation and VBS award ceremony. Pray that the parents of these VBS kids can enjoy the time together and open their hearts for the gospel.
4) Last prayer item which I should mention it last night – some of us got lots of mosquitoes and bug bites. Pray for speedy recovery while some of them even got tiny blister.
Thank you all.