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Aruba STM October 8 Update

We went through a roller coaster day !
As you might know, our schedule today was pretty pack and tight with team 1 leaving and back to Edmonton.
The first thing in the morning, Lena’s phone charger was burned and certified! Thank God that brother Caleb had a spared one for her.
Second was related to the videos, ppt and slide shows prepared by Tammy for today’s fellowships, Sunday Worship and Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. Everything was set and ready to use but this morning when Tammy tried to turn on to try it again, no sound came out from the videos and some of the videos were not able to play. Tammy was so panic as everything was on her laptop. Thank God that Pastor Miranda prayed together with Tammy and asked God to prepare and give an alternative.
Last but not least, we dropped off the first team at the airport and went home after returning one of the rental cars. Once we stepped into the house, we received a team member’s message saying one of the team members had trouble to check in and was almost not able to leave Aruba. While Pastor Gabriel and Tammy were on the way back to the airport, the team member got the proper document as instructed and were able to leave. This time it was Pastor Gabriel leading the prayer while we were driving to the airport.
God is faithful! He took control of all uncontrollable situations!

Thankful items:
1) God is good, He is always with us! He answered our prayers!
2) Thank God for the Mid-Autumn festival celebration , there were about 80 people to join and we had opportunity to meet up with different people and parents of the VBS children. Everyone was so involved in games and enjoyed the program!

Prayer Items:
1) Pray for team 2, who will be preparing for the coming week’s Workshops, sharing and radio recording.
2) Pray for the visitation in the next few days. We are targeting at the VBS children and their families. Pray that they are willing to spend time with us and open their hearts.