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Aruba STM October 9 Update

Thankful Items:

1) Praise the Lord that team 1 safely arrived Edmonton last night!
2) Thank you Lord that our team had a good rest last night despite the tight schedule yesterday. Today we didn’t plan much but did join the Chinese class and After school homework session at church. Some kids, who had joined the VBS, were in this session and were so happy to see us again in the church!

Prayer items:
1) Pray for this Chinese class (run only from Sep to Nov) and After school homework session. Pray that God will prepare teacher(s) to come to Aruba. There are a couple coming from Toronto for 3 months to teach! These kids are having so much potential to learn and their hand writing is very neat and good!
2) Pray for team 2 members as we will be sharing our testimony at prayer meeting tomorrow night. Jenny, Lena and Bruce will also start the radio recording tomorrow; Pastor Miranda and Ken may start visitation first while Tammy will make a VBS recap video to put it on DVD and bring it along to visitation as a gift to the VBS kids family.
3) Continue to pray for our mosquito bite recovery. It’s quite bothering and itchy! Pray for our health as we still have the rest of the week! Ask God to grant us good health to serve!
Thank you all!