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Aruba STM October 11 Update

Thankful Items:

1) Today’s visitation went well. Team was split into 2 groups, one in the morning visitation (Bruce, Lena, Jenny), one in the afternoon (PMiranda, Ken and Jenny). Prospects were positive and kind to us. Give thanks to the Lord for Tammy as well, she finally finished the VBS Recap DVD and could bring along for visitation as gift to the VBS children’s family.
2) Praise the Lord, the workshop tonight about back care went really well. Responses were very good and many of them asked Bruce to return again to help them. While Bruce was providing free treatment, we made use of the opportunity to talk to the guests and their families or new friends.

Prayer items:
1) Pray for Lena and Bruce DMM course (2nd part) to be held tomorrow night. Pray for the local church sisters (the leaders) who will come to join, ask God to prepare them and give them a willing heart to step up to serve.
2) We will continue with visitation tomorrow. Pray for the wisdom, wise tongues to talk and humble ears to listen.