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Aruba STM October 12 Update

Dear prayer warriors,
It’s another day of thanksgiving! This morning we went to the church and tried to clean some garbage and leaves out of the front entrance of the church. After that, we finished the VBS DVD packaging and took them with us for visitation.

Thankful items:
1) The weather was still hot but with more clouds and wind, so we were able to spend about half an hour to clean up the garbage and leaves in front of the church.
2) We went more visitation afterwards, mainly targeting the VBS children and their families. The parents were more friendly and happy to see us back to visit them. We also invited some parents to join Saturday fellowship and they would consider to join.
3) DMM training part 2 was finished tonight. Sisters enjoyed the training and were encouraged from it.

Prayer items:
1) Pray for the “Back Care” workshop and clinic tomorrow night. We will be going to the North side to host this workshop at a restaurant. If God is willing, North side is a place where gospel can be reached out to. Pray for Bruce, give him wisdom and health to present the workshop and help people in the clinic.
2) Few more visitations tomorrow, pray for our team members. Ask God to grant us wisdom to share the gospel with the prospects. Let us show our caring and bring hope to the people here.
Thank you all!