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Aruba STM October 14 Update

Prayer warriors, thank you for your two weeks of consistent praying for us! With your prayers, we can make it through the two weeks of short term mission. Satan has been working hard to hinder us in many ways! With God’s grace and the power of prayer from you all, we have worked through it and experienced the sweetness of walking with God!

Thankful items:
1) Praise the Lord. Team 2 has experienced the blessing of our Lord in the 2nd week of short term mission at Aruba. We get another week to share with and visit the local Chinese.
2) We are so thankful that none of us have to use any medication that we brought along, which means we are all in good health, except the bug spray and after bite Chinese brand medicine. Our legs are however decorated with dots (mosquito bites)😭

Prayer Items:
1) Pray for the Saturday sisters’ fellowship. We invited some non-Christian ladies to attend. Pray that they will participate in the fellowship!
2) Pray for our team on Sunday morning to lead children and youth fellowships. Like last week, Tammy’s laptop has sound problem again. With the last week experience and without Caleb being around to help reinstalling the sound card driver, we will save the presentation files on an USB drive and transport the files to church old laptop for use in the fellowships.
3) Our team has checked in our flight and pretty much packed our luggage. Pray for a safe trip back to Edmonton and our adjustment of the temperature, from 33 degrees Celsius back to 0 degree Celsius or may be even lower! Some of us will go to work in the next morning, pray that we can sleep a bit on the plane and have the strength and energy to go to work the next day.

Thank you all! If I don’t have much update tomorrow, will see you all and share with you more when we return.