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Monthly Archive: October 2017


Aruba STM October 9 Update

Thankful Items:

1) Praise the Lord that team 1 safely arrived Edmonton last night!
2) Thank you Lord that our team had a good rest last night despite the tight schedule yesterday. Today we didn’t plan much but did join the Chinese class and After school homework session at church. Some kids, who had joined the VBS, were in this session and were so happy to see us again in the church!

Prayer items:
1) Pray for this Chinese class (run only from Sep to Nov) and After school homework session. Pray that God will prepare teacher(s) to come to Aruba. There are a couple coming from Toronto for 3 months to teach! These kids are having so much potential to learn and their hand writing is very neat and good!
2) Pray for team 2 members as we will be sharing our testimony at prayer meeting tomorrow night. Jenny, Lena and Bruce will also start the radio recording tomorrow; Pastor Miranda and Ken may start visitation first while Tammy will make a VBS recap video to put it on DVD and bring it along to visitation as a gift to the VBS kids family.
3) Continue to pray for our mosquito bite recovery. It’s quite bothering and itchy! Pray for our health as we still have the rest of the week! Ask God to grant us good health to serve!
Thank you all!

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Aruba STM October 8 Update

We went through a roller coaster day !
As you might know, our schedule today was pretty pack and tight with team 1 leaving and back to Edmonton.
The first thing in the morning, Lena’s phone charger was burned and certified! Thank God that brother Caleb had a spared one for her.
Second was related to the videos, ppt and slide shows prepared by Tammy for today’s fellowships, Sunday Worship and Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. Everything was set and ready to use but this morning when Tammy tried to turn on to try it again, no sound came out from the videos and some of the videos were not able to play. Tammy was so panic as everything was on her laptop. Thank God that Pastor Miranda prayed together with Tammy and asked God to prepare and give an alternative.
Last but not least, we dropped off the first team at the airport and went home after returning one of the rental cars. Once we stepped into the house, we received a team member’s message saying one of the team members had trouble to check in and was almost not able to leave Aruba. While Pastor Gabriel and Tammy were on the way back to the airport, the team member got the proper document as instructed and were able to leave. This time it was Pastor Gabriel leading the prayer while we were driving to the airport.
God is faithful! He took control of all uncontrollable situations!

Thankful items:
1) God is good, He is always with us! He answered our prayers!
2) Thank God for the Mid-Autumn festival celebration , there were about 80 people to join and we had opportunity to meet up with different people and parents of the VBS children. Everyone was so involved in games and enjoyed the program!

Prayer Items:
1) Pray for team 2, who will be preparing for the coming week’s Workshops, sharing and radio recording.… Click here to read more



BAPTISM / MEMBERSHIP CLASSES – Oct 29 – Nov 19 Sunday 9:30AM. Baptism will be held on Dec. 10. If you are presently a member of other Christian and Missionary Alliance church and want to transfer your church membership to ECAC, please email Pastor Henry. … Click here to read more


Aruba STM October 7 Update

Dear Prayer warriors,
Time flew by quick, our first team is leaving tomorrow and returning home! Few sisters from Aruba Alliance Church are so nice. They initiated to meet us up for lunch and said they would miss the first team! So first prayer item, pray for these sisters who are the core persons of the church too. Pray for their spiritual growth and give them the leadership quality to take up the leaders position.

Thankful items:
1) The team has a day rest and Pastor Gabriel and his wife took us around. In the afternoon, we went back home and then to church to host tonight DMM training..
2) DMM Training went well and thankful to have Lena and Bruce to consolidate the materials in to 2 hours (1 hour for tonight, 1 hour for next Thursday). The participants (2 sisters) seem to be very interested and focus on the sharing tonight.

Prayer items:
1) Pray for Norman, who will be sharing with the teens in the topic of Communications. Ask God give him wisdom to speak to the teens/youth. Pray for Christina & Tammy who will lead the younger group.
2) Pray for Sunday Worship tomorrow as it’s communion service, Pastor Miranda will be sharing the message.
3) Pray for tomorrow Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. There are about 80 people signed up for tomorrow dinner and celebration program. Pray for the programs including VBS presentation and VBS award ceremony. Pray that the parents of these VBS kids can enjoy the time together and open their hearts for the gospel.
4) Last prayer item which I should mention it last night – some of us got lots of mosquitoes and bug bites. Pray for speedy recovery while some of them even got tiny blister.
Thank you all.

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Aruba STM October 6 Update

Thankful items:

1) VBS is finally over! So thankful to see the kids enjoyed it very much. Some of the children asked the crew leader, “will I see you tomorrow?” It was so sweet to hear this. Thank God for giving us these simple and lovely children and we miss them too!
2) I must have to share this! Satan never gives up! Last night, there was a severe thunders, lighting and rainfall at around 2:30 am. This thunderstorm and lighting caused power outage such that no air conditioning and fan could be turned on! Thankful that it wasn’t too hot that we couldn’t sleep but of course it wasn’t too good either. The next morning when we woke up, we realized our cars couldn’t leave the house that we were staying to church for VBS because the house had an electric gate, Next was the church! Was there any power at church? If not, there would be no way to continue our final VBS day. We then would need to delay the VBS for a day and many kids might not be able to join it. Praise the Lord for He is good! There is power at the Church neighborhood so that we didn’t have to rearrange another day! Power was recovered in the afternoon.
3) Thank God that we had a very good workshop presented by Sandra. Audiences found it’s very helpful and asked lots of questions.

Prayer items:
1) Please pray for the DMM (Disciple Making Movement) training tomorrow night. Lena and Bruce will be leading this training. May this training be helpful to the church group leaders.
2) Pray for the weather that it won’t have power outage again.
3) Pray for Sunday, as there will be a few things going on. Our first team will be leaving Aruba and arriving Edmonton in the early morning on Oct 9th. Pray for the safe flight as there is a storm moving towards Miami, hope the storm won’t affect the departure.… Click here to read more


Aruba STM October 5 Update

Thankful items:

1) VBS theme for today is “God is always with you” and our group devotion is also mediate around this topic! Thank God for always with us, no matter in what circumstances, situations and even in our darkness time!
2) Thank God for giving us energy even after the VBS in the morning and radio recording in the afternoon.

Prayer items:
1) Pray for the visitation after VBS tomorrow as we would like to invite VBS children and the their parents to join the Sunday mid-autumn festival celebration. Since most of the children will be driving back by Pastor Li, we are planning to go with him and drop off the kids to their parents in person. Hopefully we can meet with the parents and invite them to come join us.
2) Pray for the workshop that will be led by Sandra with the topic “Medication and You”. Pray that people will be willing to come to join this after work.
3) Continue to pray for our health as for the heat in here is about 30-33 degrees (feels like 40-42) everyday!

Thank you for your prayer support!

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Aruba STM October 4 Update

Thankful items:

1) Thankful that we could have morning devotion among our team everyday led by Pastor Miranda. We could also have deep sharing and prayers.
2) Really thankful for the second day of VBS. Kids are still really good! Thank God for the hot weather again today with a bit of breeze. We had a very fun water game outside. There was sprinkle of showers (showers of blessings) at around 3pm.
3) It’s really thankful to have the 12 of us living, sharing, praying and laughing together for the past few days. Some team members from the first team already said they would miss all these days together. Like all of you, they will continue to support us through prayers after they return home.
4) 2 new comers came to the workshop tonight and we got to chat with them a bit after the workshop. One of them used to attend the church but being lazy after married with 2 children. The other one sent her daughter to VBS and she is not a regular church goer but only comes to special occasions.

Prayer Items:
1) We are entering into our 3rd day of VBS, kids still love it. They are so eager to learn. Pray that the Bible verse and what they’ve learned in VBS will keep inside their hearts.
2) Continue to pray for our team to have a close relationship with God. May His word be the lamp unto our feet. Guide us and walk with us. Let us experience His presence and blessings.
3) Pray for PMiranda as she will need to prepare sermon on Sunday worship and message at Mid-Autumn festival celebration as well as praise and worship.
4) Pray for Lena and Bruce who need to prepare a training for the leaders (sisters). Give them wisdom to consolidate the materials from the intense DMM (Disciple Making Movement) course.

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Aruba STM October 3 Update

Thanksgiving items:

1) VBS has started this morning with 19 kids in total. There was another kid registered tonight so we will have a total of 20 kids tomorrow.
2) Prayer meeting tonight had over 20 brothers and sisters with 6 of us from our team sharing personal salvation testimony.
3) Praise the Lord that it had been hot for the last 2 days and there was pouring rain 15 mins ago after we all went home from prayer meeting (8:30 – 11:00pm).
4) Few of us went out for visitation this afternoon and successfully visited 3 restaurant and grocery stores and invited them to join the Mid-Autumn Festival and workshops.

Prayer Items:
1) Pray for the VBS, specifically the game time, which we are planning to do it outside tomorrow. Pray for the suitable weather.
2) Continue to pray for the 12 of us. Pray that God will gives us strength and healthy body to serve. We finished everyday ministry late and our team will meet up at 8:30am for early devotion together.
3) Pray that God will grant us wisdom to talk to the VBS children and get to know them better. Also for those we are going to visit, ask that God will open their hearts and mind to us when we are sharing the gospel with them. Let them feel our caring and love to them.

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Aruba STM October 2 Update

Thanksgiving items:

1) VBS preparation went smooth today. 12 of us work together with a united heart and support each other and compensate each others weakness.
2) As of today, 19 children already registered and we are expecting walk-in tomorrow (1st day of VBS)

Prayer items:
1) VBS will begin on Oct 3. Pray for children who will be coming, Pray for our team, ask God to give us wisdom and strength.
2) Pray for our Radio broadcast recording (sharing our testimony individually). May this local radio program and our sharing be the blessing for the Chinese here. 4 workshops have been recorded today and more will be continued tomorrow.
3) Pray specifically for our health as this week schedule will be tight and there will be evening workshops that start at 9:00 pm. Many of us are not night owls, so this is really a big challenge for us.

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Aruba STM October 1 Update

Honestly, it’s another thankful day.  Today the weather is cloudy so it’s not as hot as we’re expecting and it’s better for us.

Our day started with the kids and youth fellowship (joined) with praise and singspiration (lead by Tammy)and sharing (by Norman) . We get to meet with the kids and youth and to talk and share a bit with them.  They are so friendly and very acceptable to our approach. They love singing and thank God that Tammy picked the songs that they knew and have sang before, so they can be more involved.

At Sunday worship, we met with the adults and some core members. Chat with them after the worship and again, they are very welcoming STM team to join them. Our team did a group singing during the service.

Sunday School/Workshop – Pastor Miranda and Jenny lead and share on cell/small Group leadership.  Participants are the cell group core members.  We would like to share how to lead a small group, technique and commitment.

Prayer items:
1) Continue to pray for the children/youth in here. Pray that they can get to know us more and we can share more with them.  Very thankful that these children are very cooperative and so patience!
2) As of today, there were 16 kids signed up for the VBS and we pray for more children can joined. We will be doing the decorations and preparation for VBS tomorrow, when VBS is starting on Tuesday.
3) Continue to pray for the team members, it’s thankful that we all had a good sharing and rest last night. Pray for the wisdom and protection from God.

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