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2020 Elder Board

2020 Elder Board :

Chairman: Pastor Stan; Vice-Chairman: Andrew Leung; Treasurer: William Wong; Secretary: David Yip. Other members: Ken Chan, Stuart Fung, Anlin Wen, Jimmy Kwong, Caleb Kwok, Simon Roa and Rocky To.

  • COT: Anlin Wen, David Yip, Simon Roa and Pastor Stan
  • DMT: Jimmy Kwong, Andrew Leung and Pastor Stan
  • Mission: Stuart Fung and Pastor Stan
  • Strategic planning: William Wong and Caleb Kwok
  • CT: Caleb Kwok and Ken Chan
  • Facility: Rocky To
  • Operation (including Safety): Ken Chan and Rocky To
  • Human Resource: Pastor Stan, William Wong and Stuart Fung