Turning people into fully devoted followers of Jesus

JMC- Youth Ministry

Fellowships meet online for this new school year.  Meeting time is on Saturday 7 pm.

  1. For the school year 2020/21, JMC-Youth will integrate Sunday School, Bible Quizzing and Mentoring into a single program and change the engagement format for youth from grade 7 to 12.  A mentor or discipler will lead one to two youth in a small group for discipleship and relationship building. To participate in the program, parents are asked to register their children on the church’s web page https://emc.ecac.ca/registerjmc.   For more information, please contact Andrew Leung at [email protected].
  2. JMC-Youth is recruiting new mentors/disciplers for the integrated program.  If you are interested in molding and connecting to the next generation, please contact Andrew Leung at [email protected].