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Church Wide Ministry

1. English Pastor Candidate – Tim Anderson is candidating for the position of English Pastor. We are thankful for his preaching today. He will meet with the Elder Board this afternoon. If you have any feedback, please contact the Pastoral Search Team (psc@ecac.ca).

2. 2022 Elder Board – Chairman: Andrew Leung; Vice-Chairman: William Wong; Treasurer: Ryan Ho; Secretary: Roscoe Gee.
• Pastoral search committee: Terry Gee
• Re-opening team: Andrew Leung, Dong Zhang and Rocky To
• ASD/Safety: Dong Zhang and Rocky To
• Community outreach/Biblical justice team: Rocky To and Roscoe Gee
• Disciple making team: Andrew Leung and Dong Zhang
• Communication team: Roscoe Gee and William Wong
• Strategic planning: William Wong and all elders
• Financial team: Ryan Ho
• Mission Team: Ryan Ho and Terry Gee
• Human Resource Team: Andrew Leung, William Wong and Ryan Ho

3. 2021 Offering Receipt will be sent out in February 2022. If your address has changed, please email your new address along with your offering account no. and your name to office@ecac.ca no later than TODAY.

4. Please Verify Your 2021 Offering Record – The record is posted on the church bulletin board at the Life Center, or email/call the church office by Jan 30. Please provide your offering account no. and address for verification. If you have any questions, please contact the church office as soon as possible. After tax receipts are issued, corrections cannot be made.

5. 2021 Annual Report – We would like to include pictures related to different ministries in the report. If you have any soft copy pictures, please get the permission for those who are in the pictures before email to office@ecac.ca by Jan. 30.

6. In order not to trigger the church alarm, please remember to close all interior doors after all activities. Thank you for your cooperation.

7. Social Justice Responsibility with IVCF – Join us online Friday, January 21 at 7:30pm and hear from Hogan Brimacombe at Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. How do those that follow Jesus decide how to spend themselves? What difference does following Jesus make in a broken world, and what difference are the followers of Jesus called to make? These questions and more will be explored.
Use the link below or go to ecac.ca to attend online:
Meeting ID: 834 0484 0273
Passcode: 747267