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Church Wide Ministry

  1. Mission Fund offering has only received 56.6% of the budget as of November 30, 2023. Please remember it in your prayer and support the Global Mission.
  2. Our General Fund, Building Fund are in shortfall. Please remember and support the needs of the House of God in all aspects.
  3. 2023 Offering – If you wish to have your offering included in the 2023 Donation Tax Receipt, no matter how you make the offering, it must reach the church office by Sunday Dec 31, 2023 before 12:30 PM. Any offering received after will be recorded in the 2023 donation receipt. If you use mail, please do it in advance to avoid postal delay. If you want to apply for e-transfer, please email diana.poon@ecac.ca before Dec. 17. Office will be short of staff after Christmas due to the holidays. Thank you for your cooperation.
  4. Offering Account Update – If your address has changed, please email your new address along with your offering account no. and your name to office@ecac.ca.
  5. Church Reimbursements – For payment for church related items bought in 2023, please submit a cheque requisition form and the receipt to the church office no later than Jan. 7, 2024. Any late submission will not be entertained.
  6. Pastor Michael is joining Going Beyond Missions to serve in Himalayas, Nepal until Dec 16. Pray for God’s guidance and protection for Pastor Michael and the team members.
  7. Our church secretary Winnie Lam is taking leave until December 13.
  8. See Yin Fan, Ka Yuk Yam, Michelle Ng form CMC are having a Baptism and Membership Service on Dec 17. Bonny Wu from EMC will also be baptized the same day in EMC service. Due to the usage of the baptismal tank, CMC will have worship 9:30 in the main sanctuary and MMC will be in the Dynamic Centre.
  9. We need your help after the EMC service! All the chairs in the Worship center will need to be moved into the lobby after today’s service and next Sunday’s service to give room for air ducts cleaning on Dec 13 and 14 , as well as for carpet cleaning on Dec 18.
  10. As Christmas is approaching, there are some friendly safety reminders that may require attention from everyone using the church facilities.As Christmas is approaching, there are some friendly safety reminders that may require attention from everyone using the church facilities.
    i. Sleepover, stay late or over midnight activities in church premises must apply thru church booking system and have approval from a pastor and Facilities Department.
    ii. Remember to book the facilities like gym, rooms and kitchen ahead of time if the facilities are required, and clean up after using.
    iii. A ministry pastor or fellowship/group male & female counsellors must be on-site in all activities with youth and underage.
    iv. Absolutely no open fire or hot pot activities anywhere inside the church building or mobile classrooms.
    v. No unattended candle lights.
    vi. Make sure all exit doors and windows are closed and locked properly and accordingly.
    vii. Arm the church security system following the lockdown procedure.
    viii. Please take great cautions in safety and preventing fire hazard in all activities.