Apply for an Intranet Account 申請內聯網個人帳户

Apply for an Internal Account 申請內聯網個人帳户

About You 有關您的資料

Please tell us a little bit about yourself! 請告訴我有關您的一些資料
Please provide your middle name initial if you have one in case there is someone else with the same first and last name as you. 為避免同名同姓產生的混淆,如果您有中間名字戓字首,請提供。
This email address is owned by you and you have access to it. By providing this email address, you agree that ECAC church office, ECAC church Intranet Administration and ECAC Communications Team can communicate with you on this email address. ECAC will also email your ECAC Internet account information to this email address after your request is approved. 此電郵是您個人擁有並隨時可登入。當您填寫這資料,代表您同意讓愛城華人宣道會內聯網主管及傳播媒體團隊,使用此電郵與閣下聯絡。當愛城華人宣道會審批您的申請後,亦會用此電郵通知您內聯網帳户資料。

Maximum file size: 20MB

Please provide us with a headshot profile picture of yourself which will be used exclusively within the ECAC Intranet. This photo will help us to identify you as well as for other members to be able to identify you. You may change or remove this photo later at any time.