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2017 Understanding and Answering Islam Conference Day 1

2017 Understanding and Answering Islam Conference Day 1

ECAC Main Sanctuary

time 7:30 pm

January 13, 2017


Friday Evening 

7:30 PM | Introduction to the 2017 Understanding and Answering Islam Conference

7:40 PM | Opening Bible Study: The Gospel of Peace – Dr. Stuart McAllister

8:10 PM | What does it mean when Muslims claim Islam is a religion of peace? – Al Fadi

8:40 PM | Q and A: Understanding, Answering and Sharing – Dr. Richard Shumack, Moderator

9:30 PM | End of Session


10:00 AM | Introductory Remarks

10:05 AM | A theology of peace? What do the Bible and the Quran teach about peace? – Dr. Andy Bannister

10:50 AM | Wellspring International Project – Naomi Zacharias

11:00 AM | Break for stretch

11:10 AM | A community of peace? Do Muslims experience true peace under Islam? – Dr. Sasan Tavassoli

11:55 AM | Break for lunch

1:10 PM | A history of peace? How can we speak to Muslims about peace in light of history? – Dr. Mark Durie

1:55 PM Break for stretch

2:00 PM | A message of peace? If most Muslims are peaceful, and believe Islam is peaceful, how do we best speak to them of the distinctive of gospel peace? – Abdu Murray

2:45 PM | Zacharias Institute – Vince Vitale

2:50 PM | Open Q&A – Dr. Richard Shumack, Moderator

3:50 PM Coffee break

4:15 PM | Closing Challenge – Dr. Stuart McAllister

4:30 PM | End of Conference


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