Request for Help

Request for Help

Request for Help

Our church family is here to provide LOVE & CARE for those whose lives have been interrupted by COVID-19. If you are a part of a small group or fellowship here at ECAC, then please start there. If you need further assistance or are not a part of one of those groups, we want to help.

We are offering two types of practical help: RUNNERS and PRAYER PARTNERS

  1. Runners: We will pick up your pre-ordered groceries or prescriptions from your local store and deliver it to your door.
  2. Prayer Partners: We are ready to pray with you through video or phone call, text or WhatsApp.

Please fill out this form to submit a request.

Address *
Address Line 1
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Communication Preference *
(e.g. self isolation, elderly, immunocompromised, etc.)
(Fear, anxiety, health, financial set backs etc...) and contact preferences. Time will be arrange with you by your Prayer Partner.
Service Need

Grocery Pick Up

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Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Pharmacy Pick Up

I will call my pharmacy to inform them that a volunteer will be picking it up in my place. (The name to provide will be provided after form submission) *