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Missions Conference 2021

Please join us on November 5 and 6 for Missions Conference. We’re hosting the conference on Zoom each day from 7pm-9pm. The event will be in English and translated to Cantonese and Mandarin. Stay tuned for the Zoom link!


Have you ever thought of going on missions?

Missions Conference is an event where our church discusses the topic of missions. This year, we have Lauren Reid from Hope Mission, as our main speaker, as well as four other organizations that will share their stories from their experience and talk about the work they’re doing internationally and locally. They’ll discuss what missions are about and share ways that you can act out the Great Commission and expand your horizons.


Meet the Speaker

Hello! My name is Lauren Reid and I have a husband and a toddler who was born the day after they announced a global pandemic! I’ve been in the role of Hope Mission’s Community Liaison since April 2021 and am so grateful to be a part of an organization that provides such practical care and ministry to vulnerable members of our community. Prior to this, I was first a Children’s Pastor and then Campus Pastor! I love walking, gardening, and crocheting—to me they are a form of prayer and mindfulness. I love good food, but I do NOT love to cook, so I am very grateful that my husband does! Last but not least, I am always grateful for the company of good friends and family and for all the ways we can both challenge and lift one another up.

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