Hope Mission Sharing

January 2, 2022

Hope Mission Sharing

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Speaker: Lauren from Hope Mission

If you plan to mail your cards to Hope Mission, this is the address: Hope Mission PO Box 953 Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2L8

The Discovery will be on Christmas break for the weeks of December 26 and January 2. We will be returning on January 9!

Since the new school year has started and I have not seen your children for a long time, I would love to update the Children's Ministry information just to keep track and even stop asking, "What grade are you now?". We would love if all our parents from JMC Children and Youth to fill out this form for Uncle Andrew and I to keep track and send out info regarding the plans for the upcoming school year. If there are new parents joining us, please pass it on and fill it out as well! https://emc.ecac.ca/ministries/childr... For more information on what we do at Deep Divers, please email Pastor Phoebe at phoebe.chan@ecac.ca.