Sunday Gatherings

What to expect


We host our English worship service every Sunday starting at 11:15am in the Worship Centre through the North Main Entrance doors. As you arrive, we have people there to welcome you in and help in any way. Our gathering is centered around worship of God in three ways:

Encourage. Apply. Respond.


Encouraging one another in community through stories of what God is up to and opportunities to engage one another in conversation and prayer.

Applying God’s words in our worship is central. We hear a message from the Bible, talk about how it is applied in our lives.

Responding to God is the only way to truly worship. He shows himself through his word, worship and one another, then we respond. Our gatherings have opportunities to respond in different practices like prayer, communion, singing, or more.

There is free coffee or tea before and after service and we have an in house café for purchasing those lattes and milk tea

If you’re new to our church, welcome! We’d love to get to know you better. If you have any questions or would like some information on ways to get connected, please contact us and we’ll reach out.