Turning people into fully devoted followers of Jesus

Home Church

A Church in Your Home

Home Church is way for you to gather in-person with your family or “core cohort” to participate together in ECAC’s online Sunday gathering. We understand the difficulty some have in doing church online and church is never meant to be simply “watched” but participated in as a community.

ECAC desires to turn people into fully devoted followers of Jesus. Our identity of being a disciple-making church focuses on personal relationships. Under Alberta Health Services cohort & gathering rules [https://www.alberta.ca/restrictions-on-gatherings.aspx], we’ve created a guide for you to gather as the church on a smaller scale during COVID-19 .

The Thirds Model

We suggest using the “Thirds Model” as a starting point with your Home Church. Here’s what it can look like:

  • Encourage: 1/3 of the time to encourage one another with songs and words (scripture sharing, praying, healing etc during the beginning & song time)
  • Apply: 1/3 of the time for teaching/application to engage the scriptures & be in prayer for life transformation (sermon time & challenge)
  • Respond: 1/3 of the time for discussion/prayer to help grasp the content and further encourage each other (using the challenge of the message & engaging life issues)

Home Church Host Guide

Anyone can host a Home Church. We’ve created a downloadable guide for you to get started. To begin, click the button below to get the guide, pray to ask God who to invite, considering your “core cohort,” and contact Pastor Brandon for any support.

Download Guide