Youth Fellowships

Grades 7-9

Caleb fellowship meets weekly at 7:00 pm on Saturday evenings in Room 145. There are bible studies, prayer, games, fellowship and tasty treats. They also attend the annual Youth Conference (YC) and other special events.

Please contact 780-483-2143 for more information.

Grades 10-12

Joshua fellowship is a fellowship group for students who are in senior high. They regularly meet Saturday 7:00 PM in Room 145. They also have special events such as camping, Youth Conference (YC), etc.

For more information, please contact or call 780-483-2143.

JMC-Youth – Integrated Disciple-making Program

In this school year, JMC-Youth is launching a new integrated disciple-making program for teens who are from grade 7 to 12.  The new direction will emphasize person-to-person interaction and relationship building while discipling young people to follow Jesus.  Please click here for details.

Teen Worship

Our teen worship is a peer led worship service for junior and Senior High students. This worship style seeks to be a contemporary and meaningful celebration of Christ in the lives of our youth.

Bible Quizzing

Bible quizzing is a youth ministry where youths memorize Scripture in order to encourage study and application of God’s word. Those who are involved learn much about self-discipline as they apply themselves towards knowing large portions of the Bible. These skills are put to the test during quizzing matches with other Canadian teams!

Bible quizzing practices on Sundays, but often competition meets are held over the weekend and give young people opportunities to meet and fellowship with other youth (junior and senior high) as they compete in quizzing matches.